Development Perspectives

Development Perspectives

Development Perspectives (DP) is the lead partner in the Saolta consortium. As such, the programme manager and core team are based at DP. DP, in collaboration with the steering committee, which consists of representatives from each consortia partner, directs the daily operations and planning, the implementing longer term goals and outcomes of the partnership. DP is responsible for communication with Irish Aid with regards to planning, delivery, and monitoring and evaluation.


The membership of AONTAS, the national adult learning organisation, comprises 300 adult education organisations, practitioners, and learners from across the adult, community, and further education landscape.  The role of AONTAS is to promote the value of adult and community education (ACE) and give it greater visibility; address issues affecting the sector through research and advocacy work; provide networking and continuous professional development opportunities for practitioners; and provide a platform for adult learners to share their experience in order to shape adult education policy. AONTAS is committed to the values of Global Citizenship Education (GCE) and to working in partnership with Saolta to build collective knowledge, strengthen relationships, and work collaboratively to enhance the links between GCE and ACE. AONTAS will continue to promote Saolta among its membership and through its connections with national and international bodies, and will use its reach, initiatives, and sectoral knowledge to support Saolta to meet its aims.

Cork Education and Training Board

Cork ETB plans, provides, supports and co-ordinates education, training and youth services in Cork which are recognised internationally as a model of excellence. Cork ETB is a driving force of education and training in Cork, providing high quality services which are innovative, responsive and inclusive. Through Cork ETB there is a pathway for every learner. Cork ETB’s target clients are learners in our schools, colleges, training centres and community settings, applicants under the various learner support schemes administered directly by Cork ETB, Youth Service Providers, Community Education and Training Groups, Voluntary Community Organisations and Communities throughout the City and County.

Having recently become a member of the Saolta Consortium, Cork ETB is signalling its intention to strengthen and consolidate the role of Global Citizenship Education (GCE) in Adult and Community Education (ACE). Cork ETB is fully supportive Sustainability and GCE values and through its partnership and participation in the Saolta Consortium, Cork ETB hopes to enhance and facilitate programme development and implementation in Sustainability and GCE in ACE. Cork ETB is also working to collaborate with Saolta to support it in embedding GCE knowledge, skills and competencies in ACE programmes throughout Ireland



As an active member of the Consortium Steering Committee (CSC), Concern, (along with the other CSC members) is responsible for the planning, monitoring and ensuring quality implementation of the Saolta programme. Concern’s long involvement in Global Citizenship Education along with its work in the Global South, provides an opportunity to link the voices and experiences of Concern’s programme partners with the work of Saolta.

Irish Rural Link

Irish Rural Link directly represents over 300 rural community groups with a combined membership of 25,000.   It has  significant wide-ranging experience in rural community education provision, a key organisational priority which is key to their engagement with Saolta.  Building on this grassroots experience,it  works with its  many rural community education partners and wider membership ensuring that the Saolta’s GCE offering is successfully introduced across Rural Ireland.

Dept. Adult and Community Education Maynooth

The Department of Adult and Community Education seek to offer a key contribution to the SAOLTA steering committee by Informing SAOLTA on best practice in adult and community education, advising on teacher education theory and practice, promoting global citizenship education in all adult and community education, and animating within adult learning networks.

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Development Perspectives
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