Everyone has a role to play in supporting Ireland’s progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In order to raise awareness and facilitate action for everyone, lifelong learning opportunities are needed. The importance of these opportunities is acknowledged and emphasized not only in SDG 4.7 (Quality Education), but also in Ireland’s National Skills Strategy 2025, set out by the Department of Education and Skills (

Further Education Institutes in Ireland offer diverse spaces for lifelong learning, based on the learners’ needs and interests. In the context of sustainable development, they play a crucial role in raising awareness among their students, in providing spaces for discussion and reflection, and in translating the SDGs into practical action at a local level.

Saolta will be working to support Further Education Institutes across Ireland in integrating the SDGs into their teaching and developing ideas to incorporate sustainable ideas in their everyday practice and the life at the institute. Saolta will also be supporting FEs in mapping their goals to strategic SDG actions.

“Further Education covers education and training which occurs after second level schooling but which is not part of the third level system.”, 2020

What we offer

  • Free SDG training for teachers/staff at Further Education Institutes/Centres across Ireland.
  • Distribution of free resources to Further Education Institutes to provide support in the delivery of SDG training and/or the implementation of Global Citizenship Education elements into their teaching practice.
  • Support to FE staff in the aligning of strategies and workplans to the SDGs.

How to get involved

If your FE is interested in getting involved in Saolta, please contact: or call +353 419801005