What is the Global Compass Award?

The Global Compass Award is a new initiative to support tutors, learners and staff of Colleges of Further Education and Adult Learning Centres to encourage, enhance and recognise centres’ activities in Global Citizenship Education (GCE).

How does the awards work?

The award has six categories of activities and actions

  • 1. Curriculum/Curriculum Planning
    Tutors integrate GCE themes in their subject area(s).
  • 2. Extracurricular
    GCE forms part of a focus for extracurricular events, joint initiatives or special display.
  • 3. Tutor Capacity & Engagement
    Tutor capacity to engage in GCE practices are supported by quality teaching resources and Continual Professional Development. Staff Engagement with GCE is supported through GCE committees, where reflection, evaluation and partnership is happening for curricular or extracurricular activities.
  • 4. Learner Capacity & Engagement
    Learners have an active role in GCE within the centre through representation on GCE Committee, student-led actions and peer education. Learners’ GCE skills are developed with training and awareness raising to take action on local and global justice issue.
  • 5. Centre Leadership and Policies
    Whole of institution approach from Adult Learning Centre Principal and Deputy Principal, Board of Management by embedding GCE into policies and mission statement on commitment to GCE.
  • 6. Community Engagement and Partnerships
    The centre is consistently building awareness of GCE within the community and partnerships at a national and international level. This pertains to engaging in outreach and education with local organisations and groups, designing joint learning projects with local, national, and global partners. The impact of these engagements are evaluated and monitored through sustainable practices.

If you would like to apply for the award we’re here to make that easy for you. The applications will be assessed using the Most Significant Change Tool which allows you to share the stories of impact rather than getting bogged down in long forms! We want to hear from you (the learners, the tutors and staff) about how Global Citizenship Education in your centre was relevant and meaningful to you and the participants. Find out more using the Saolta Evaluation Toolkit.

What are the levels of the award?

Register your interest or find out more: info@saolta.com

Get in touch if you’d like to speak to someone about how the Global Compass framework can support your teaching and learning in your College of Further Education.