To facilitate the integration of Global Citizenship Education (GCE) within Initial Teacher Education (ITE) programs for Further Education (FE) institutions, Saolta is committed to the following initiatives:

·       Facilitating training workshops and capacity-building sessions focused on GCE implementation within ITE programs for FE institutions across Ireland:

– Utilising a participatory and interactive approach, workshops will entail in-depth discussions tailored to the specific needs and expectations of each Higher Education Institution (HEI), with Saolta customizing training content accordingly.

-The workshops aim to familiarise tutors, staff, and student teachers with GCE principles and methodologies.

    ·       Fostering collaboration and cooperation among Higher Education Institutes within the sector through networking opportunities such as conferences and other events.

    Research: A Framework for Embedding Global Citizenship Education in Initial Teacher Education for Adult & Community Education Practitioners

    How to get involved:

    If your FE is interested in getting involved in Saolta, please contact: or call +353 419801005